Water Pumps


Selection of raw materials, reliability of machinery and production processes, stringent controls throughout the production process, from melting to fitting, as well as reliability tests performed using equipment able to determine true performance, go to ensure this product is a real guarantee of safety and long life.

Because overall safeguarding of engines depends on ongoing efficiency and reliability. The range of water pumps includes models and caters for all the vehicle industries of Europe, USA and Asia.

Every year a considerable number of new models are introduced, thereby promptly catering for the needs of the international market.

This circulates the cooling liquid in the system and is controlled, in the majority of cases, by the motor by means of the belt. The water pump is centrifugal in type and comprises a bladed rotor linked by means of a shaft (which rotates on bearings housed in a support) to the drive gear; the seal between the pump and the motor block is guaranteed by a gasket, while the inside of the pump is guaranteed by a mechanical seal.
Component parts:

Impeller: supplies the fluid with the necessary energy to cover the entire cooling circuit.
- Mechanical seal: ensures fluid seal inside the pump.
- Bearing: transmits movement to the impeller and supports any ventilation parts.
- Entrainment part: for transmitting movement to the bearing.
- Pump body: supports the basic pump component parts and conveys the coolant in the motor block.

all the component parts fitted are pre-tested to evaluate durability, performance and reliability. The bearings undergo a durability test equivalent to nominal lifespan and are then inspected to assess integrity.
The mechanical seals are tested in extreme coolant temperature conditions according to predefined cycles.
The shape of the impellers is optimized thanks to the use of prototypes on which flow and performance tests are performed.
On both the entrainment parts and the bodies, the choice of materials and/or technologies different to original ones is made on the basis of structural and mechanical tests.
after assembly all the pumps undergo seal tests on units that reject those with leaks above set limits.

Timing belt kit with water pump

The new timing belt kit with water pump, that includes water pump, timing belt, tensioner and all the accessories required for installation, completes the water pump product line for which Metelli is Aftermarket leader in production in Europe.

The main advantage of the distribution kit with water pump is the ease for mechanic to identify the components related to the replacement of the entire distribution system. With the kit it is necessary to find only one code instead of 3 items separately, avoiding possible mistakes during the search.

Each component included in the kit is first rate, with an high quality guaranteed by Metelli.

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Water Pumps